Discover PowerPoint 2010: Level 1

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Target Audience
For individuals new to Microsoft PowerPoint or upgrading to Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 from previous versions.

Duration: 40 minutes

Lesson Block:
Learn how to build and broadcast presentations that impress even the most tech-savvy audiences with the all-new features of PowerPoint. Get valuable tips on versioning, creating and editing videos, displaying presentations side-by-side and much more.

  • How to Convert PowerPoint 2007 Presentations
Backstage in PowerPoint 2010 has its own unique options. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to convert your old presentations and their media files to support the new PowerPoint 2010 features.

  • How to Co-author a Presentation
See a live demonstration of working across the Internet through SkyDrive® with a shared PowerPoint presentation and live synchronization. You’ll also learn how to handle revisions made by your co-authors!

  • How to User Versioning and Recover Unsaved Versions
Has your computer ever mysteriously frozen before you have had a chance to save your important file? If so, you will want to watch PowerPoint crash in this lesson and then watch the unsaved version of the file be recovered.

  • How to Start in Safe Mode
What if you can’t start PowerPoint because of some download or add-in that has caused an unwanted surprise! In this segment, you will find out how to launch PowerPoint in Safe Mode.

  • How to Divide a Presentation into Sections
PowerPoint 2010 now features the ability to break your presentation up into separate sections. You will learn how easy it is to format each section separately and move material from one section to another.

  • How to Compare Presentations
Imagine you have two versions of the same presentation. In this lesson, you’ll compare the two versions and decide whether to accept the changes…or not!

  • How to Display Separate Presentations in Separate Windows
For professional presenters, imagine displaying two separate presentations on the same screen, side-by-side, and running them concurrently. It’s possible with PowerPoint 2010.

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