Discover Excel 2010: Tips & Shortcuts

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Target Audience
For individuals new to the Microsoft Excel or upgrading to Microsoft Excel 2010 from previous versions.

Duration: 2.0

Lesson Block:
You don’t want to plateau in your use of Excel, do you? Take the next step…learn how to automate repetitive tasks and save tons of time!

  • The Ultimate Top Ten Excel Shortcut Countdown
What do you think are the top ten shortcuts in Microsoft Excel? Is it Copy and Paste? Is it Undo? You may be surprised by these incredibly useful shortcuts that become an everyday part of a Power User’s arsenal of Microsoft Excel weapons against wasting time.

  • Jaw-Dropping Data Entry Shortcuts
The mundane task of entering data into a spreadsheet turns magical as you learn numbers of secret shortcuts to building an elaborate worksheet quickly. In this lesson you’ll learn nearly a dozen ways to use the Fill Handle along with the Fill Series feature.

  • Sleight-of-Hand Navigation and Secrecy Shortcuts
Uncover shortcuts for Navigation including the Ctrl + Arrow keys, the Go To Command, and ways to navigate by means of Range Names that you create with the Names Manager, Ctrl+F3.

  • The World’s Fastest Formula Writing Shortcuts
Learn the best shortcuts for working with Formulas – like Shift+F3 and Ctrl + A, and F9. In addition you’ll learn some neat tricks with the Paste Special Command and Trace Precedents. You’ll also get an introduction to Array Formulas and advanced functions like SumProduct and DateDif.

  • Quick Excel Selection Shortcuts
Uncover a wide range of both keyboard and mouse shortcuts to select areas of your spreadsheet that contain Text, Values, Formulas, Notes, Direct and Indirect Precedents and Dependents. You’ll also discover how to promote and demote details in your spreadsheet to different outline levels.

  • Instant Formatting Shortcuts and Custom Styles
Discover there are a lot more shortcuts for formatting beyond Ctrl + b for bold! You’ll learn the shortcut to put borders around cells and add strikethrough. You’ll even learn how to use the format paintbrush and how to apply custom number formats.

  • Bonus Feature
Print checklists of the shortcuts presented in each lesson. Just open the file from your DVD-ROM drive.

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