Discover Excel 2010: Level 2

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Microsoft Discover Excel 2010: Level 2 315572 DVD $39.95

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Target Audience
For individuals new to the Microsoft Excel or upgrading to Microsoft Excel 2010 from previous versions.

Duration: 50 minutes

Lesson Block:
Master the new components of Excel by going backstage to customize and enable some of your favorite features. Learn to connect multiple PivotTables® and discover just how easy it is to solve multi-variable equations with today’s most popular spreadsheet program.

  • How to Use the New Excel Functions
Did you know that there are enhancements to RAND(), MOD(), RANK() and MODE() functions in Excel 2010? You may find them more powerful than ever before. You will also appreciate the new Solver – the add-in that enables you to solve multi-variable equations.

  • How to Create Equations and Use Paste Preview
If you love equations, then you’ll love being able to create and modify them in Excel 2010. You will also be able to use the new Paste Preview option when copying and pasting.

  • How to Use the New Filtering Feature
When you convert a data range into a table, you will discover there are two bonus features that Microsoft has added to the process of table filtering. Learn them in this segment.

  • How to Use the New Charting Features
The double-click is back in charting and you can record your chart commands in recorded macros.

  • How to Take Screen Shots and Format Pictures
If you thought you had to buy expensive software to take and edit screen shots, think again. Excel 2010 now includes image capturing tools and editing tools that make third-party software less important.

  • How to Test Your File for Accessibility Before Sharing
Before you share a file, you might want to run the Accessibility Checker in Excel 2010. In this lesson, you will also learn how to share your file to to make it available across the Internet via Excel Web App.

  • How to Customize Language Preferences
You can modify the languages used within Microsoft Excel by going backstage and setting up your preferences – another new feature of Backstage View in Excel 2010.

  • How to Install and Use Ribbon Hero
If you haven’t experienced this learning tool, now is the time to download it, install it and give it a whirl. You can even complete with your colleagues and friends on Facebook® for highest point score – all while learning Excel.

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