Discover Access 2010: Level 2

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Target Audience
For individuals new to the Microsoft Access or upgrading to Microsoft Access 2010 from previous versions.

Duration: 40 minutes

Lesson Block:
Take control of Web-ready databases in Access 2010. Discover how to build navigation forms, incorporate application parts and use the new Macro Designer to customize information for your most successful databases ever.

  • How to Use the New Macro Designer
Discover how to use the New Macros Designer window in Access 2010. Macros enable you to compile a number of individual actions into a single object. The new Macro Editor window in Access 2010 enables you to manipulate those actions with even more flexibility than previous versions of Access.

  • How to Use Table Macros
In this lesson, you will take a closer look at the Macro Designer window while designing a table macro -- An if…Then command that runs after a single field is completed and updates a separate field – automatically before the change is committed to the database!

  • How to Apply Office Themes
Once, they were known as Autoformats, but now in Access 2010, they have become “Themes.” In this lesson, you will learn how to use Access 2010 Themes to bring a new level of visual consistency to your forms and reports.

  • How to Create Quick Start Collections
You can create your own custom combination of columns in Access 2010. In this lesson, you will discover how to create your own Quick Start Collection to save you time when building similar tables.

  • How to Setup Conditional Formatting for Reports
Access 2010 now allows both conditional formatting with fonts as well as data bars. Find out how to format your reports and forms, using the new data bars functionality.

  • How to Use the New Expression Builder Intellisense
In Access 2010, you can create fields that are based on calculations. The Expression Builder in Access 2010 includes Intellisense to help you write the formulas for those newly calculated fields.

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