Discover Access 2010: Level 1

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Target Audience
For individuals new to Microsoft Access or upgrading to Microsoft Access 2010 from previous versions.

Duration: 40 minutes

Lesson Block:
Take control of Web-ready databases in Access 2010. Discover how to build navigation forms, incorporate application parts and use the new Macro Designer to customize information for your most successful databases ever.

  • How to Build Web Databases
The heart of the changes to Access 2010 from Access 2007 is in the arena of Web-ready databases. In this lesson, you will learn about the new templates that make it easier for you to publish a database to a SharePoint® site. This removes the need for your co-workers to own a copy of Access in order to update records in a database!

  • How to Add Navigation Controls
In this lesson, you will see built-in navigation forms that come with sample database templates. Then you will learn how to build your own navigation forms with built-in combinations of navigation controls. Finally, you’ll add generic navigation controls to a blank form.

  • How to Use Application Parts
Application Parts are very useful when you want to recycle objects you have created in other databases. In this lesson, you will understand how to use Application Parts in Access 2010 and how to create your own!

  • How to Use Database Templates
In this lesson, you will learn how to create a database template from an existing database and even define an “instantiation” form.

  • How to Use Database Field Type Template
Uncover how to create your own custom combinations of fields. After you have created custom fields over and over, you’ll realize the convenience of building your own field type templates.

  • How to Use the New Datasheet View
Find out how Access automatically determines “data type” and how to change it if you need to—without using the old Design View. In addition, you’ll see how Access determines data types—even when you copy an entire worksheet from Excel®.

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