Discover Windows 7: Level 3

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Course Overview
Discover Windows® 7 from Technology Skills is a rich, multimedia learning tool for users of Microsoft® Windows® 7. With Windows 7, everyday tasks are simpler. Learn how to scan all your open windows with Live Taskbar Previews. Find a file, connect to a network or use Snap to arrange a couple of windows side by side. All in just a few clicks. You will also become skilled at having your PC work the way you want. Personalize your computer with fast Sleep and Resume features, and use more of your older programs in Windows XP mode. Plus, you will find out how to do new things like using a touch-screen instead of a mouse, connecting to printers fast, and using your PC to record live TV or watch Internet TV.

Duration: 111 minutes

Lesson Block:
In Discover Windows® 7: Level 3, topics covered are:

1. Working Remotely
  • Creating Remote Access Connections
  • Using Remote Desktop
  • Understanding Remote Assistance
2. System Performance
  • Working With Virtual Memory
  • Using Task Manager
  • Using Performance Monitor
  • Using Resource Monitor
  • Performance Information And Tools
3. Troubleshooting System Settings And Programs
  • Understanding Event Viewer
  • Using Computer Management
  • Using Startup Configuration
4. Managing Disks
  • Using Disk Management
  • Running Disk Cleanup And Disk Defragment
5. Security
  • Using The Encrypted File System
  • Using Bit Locker Drive Encryption
  • Advanced Configuration Of The Windows Firewall

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