Licensing Options

Technology Skills understands the various needs of our customers. That is why we offer a broad array of licensing options to give you the greatest flexibility possible when using our products. Whether you are an individual who wants improve your existing skills or a manager responsible for training in your organization, we have a license solution that will meet your needs.

Single User License

Our Single User License allows one user to install and access the product on multiple machines for their individual use only. This allows an individual to install the product on a desktop machine, laptop, or home PC, and study no matter which computer is available.

Workstation Site License

The Workstation Site License is best where there are multiple users who are to take the training at one or more computers located in a computer lab. This option is best for organizations that need to train people on an ongoing basis, but may not know exactly how many users there will be in total during the license period. Pricing, then, is based on the number of workstations on which the course is installed, not the number of users.

Library License

The Library License, or multi-user/non-concurrent license, is a solution to train more than one Similar to checking out a book from the library, this license can be used for a course on a CD-ROM, or for a course on a single, dedicated workstation. Content may not be loaded onto a LAN server or company Intranet. Pricing is based on 5X the single user license.

Concurrent User Site License

This license allows multiple users unlimited access to the courses which the organization has licensed. Companies may host the courses on a dedicated content server or use Technology Skills' Learning Management System (LMS) to control course assignments and track any employee's progress.


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